How can Psychotherapy, Counselling or Consultancy help me?

By offering you the time and space to talk with someone who is professionally trained to offer support.

What benefits can be expected?

To improve your capacity to initiate and sustain close and intimate relationships

Support to experience Personal growth and development

Developing a sense of identity and empowerment

Working towards,increased confidence and self esteem

Be more able to cope with the impact of childhood trauma

Reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety

Deal with difficulties encountered at work

Stress management- promoting emotional wellbeing

To feel less isolated and lonely around issues related to bereavement and loss

To offer some containment around experiences of Trauma and the possible effects of Post-Traumatic Stress

To promote family attachments/relationships/parenting

What does it cost?

Individuals - (50 minute session) 50
Couples - (50 minute session) 70
Concessions available for;
people in retirement, key workers, students 16yrs+, or those on a low income (50 minute session) 40+
30-50 min Initial assessment appointment/gives us chance to see if this is the right service for you (40)
Consultancy - (60 minute session) 50-100
* I am not currently available for work with families or children under 16yrs

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